Who am I?

Big question. How far back should I go before you get bored with the details? I would say I have always been curious which led to lots of travel. And I have always been creative, with an appreciation for beauty which led to attending Alfred University where I learned how to make lamps and paper, weld, paint, throw pottery and think outside the box. I have always been active which led to becoming a personal trainer, a CrossFit Trainer, and a weightlifter. All three of these things combined led me to pursue a graduate degree at Simmons College and now here I am today, a physical therapist. 

Adult life is dealing with an enormous amount of questions that don’t have answers
— Bruce Springsteen

If you’re looking for answers, you probably won’t find them here because I don’t consider myself an expert in anything (which seems sacrilegious to say on the internet these days because it seems everyone is an “expert” in something). What you will find is my honest exploration of this thing we call “the human experience”. I will share things I am learning and discovering because, selfishly, writing is a way for me to better understand things, and unselfishly, I love sharing the things I am passionate about. So you’ll find topics related to physical therapy, injuries, pain, prevention, wellness and movement, but also CrossFit, weightlifting, fitness and maybe some art projects and creative things I am working on if you're lucky.

This may seem like a random collections of topics, but I can’t compartmentalize my life. Every one of us is a collection of all the moments and experiences that have brought us to this very point in time. “Gestalt” as my dad always says.